About Us

We’re all about kids growing up fit and healthy!

With a mission to Inspire Movement, we’re focused on mobilising our little members by offering programs that develop the skills kids need, while also encouraging kids to move their bodies in and out of our clubs.

Running the play

Our programs and all associated processes are proven. Our amazing teams deliver these to you and your children. By trusting the process, we know that results will follow!

Bringing out the best

We focus on strengths at MyFirstGym. We want to assist every member in being the best version of themselves. Our members are inspired through their own magical moments.

Oozing Positivity

Making fitness fun is our priority. Happiness is contagious, that’s our disease. No worries at MyFirstGym, it’s our pleasure.

Keeping it real

At MyFirstGym we are as authentic as vegemite. We pride ourselves on our reputation and are dedicated to living our mission every day. At MyFirstGym, if we aren’t Inspiring Movement, we are doing it wrong.

Our vision

An engaging activity hub for children, MyFirstGym inspires movement and encourage progression in a fun place where children love to play and parents love to stay!

Our Mission

MyFirstGym aims to be the leader of children’s fitness. Our ambition is for every community to have access to our programs. Our success is measured through children falling in love with fitness.

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What to Expect?

For Babies & Toddlers

  • Parents and bubs classes – bond over exercise
  • Introduction to balance and coordination
  • Spatial awareness and movement control
  • Singing and dancing
  • Introducing social skills

For Little & Big Kids

  • Continued motor skill development
  • Improve teamwork and problem solving
  • Build coordination, speed and strength
  • Increase confidence and competence
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness levels
  • Strengthen hearts, lungs, muscles

MyFirstGym Membership Offering

We have something for everyone at MyFirstGym! With our extensive range of programs and membership options, there is definitely something for your family!

  • Making Fitness Fun

    Our fun programs ensure your children will fall in love with movement! They will learn movement skills and leave our clubs with smiling red faces.

  • Technology

    Technology is undeniably ingrained in modern society. Our MyMovementBuddy fitness tracker is designed for our members to wear inside and outside of class.

  • All Ages and Abilities

    We have classes for all children at MyFirstGym. Classes start from 7 months old, all the way to 15 years old. All children of all abilities are welcome.

  • Class Variety

    We have over 60 classes a week on our extensive timetable. With so many options available, you will find a movement your child loves. Try a different class every week if you like!

  • Parents Lounge

    Sit down and relax! Watch your child’s class from our parent lounge. Grab a tea or coffee – it’s on us!

  • Coach Led Classes

    Your children will be learning from the best in the business! MyFirstGym coaches are oozing positivity and highly skilled, this results in quality classes.

  • Date Nights

    Want a night off? We’ve got you covered! Drop your kids off at one of our Date Night events for 3 hours kids free!

  • Free Play

    Exclusive to our members, Free Play offers a space to explore and be active outside of class. It is especially great for rainy days and endless energy. Please note Free Play is parent supervised.

Notes for parents and

Our classes fill up pretty quickly so please let us know when you and your little ones are coming down to check us out. We encourage every child to bring a water bottle but please note there is no food to be consumed in the gym. There are cubby holes for kids to place their shoes and sock in once they arrive.

If it’s your child’s first class, we recommend you stay and support them if possible. Please come 15 minutes before class so you can meet the coaches and have a look around before your class starts!

Frequently asked questions

We are so busy, I’m not sure when I can come in. What should I do?
No worries! Sounds like our Busy Kids membership, with 1 class per week will work best for you. You can use that 1 class whatever days suits you. Book in on the MyFirstGym App. Don’t think you can make it once a week? You should try a 10 Pack!
I’m away this week, can someone else bring my child to class?
Of course! The membership is for your child. Any parent or caregiver can bring them to the gym! Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle, Pop, Grandma, or your best friend are all welcome!
Something has come up and I can no longer attend class. What should I do?
No worries! Head to the MyFirstGym app to cancel your booking. Then rebook a class that works for your schedule. Please note we require 2 hours notice to cancel a class.
What happens if we are going away and can’t attend classes that week?
Contact your home club to discuss your membership freeze options.

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