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We’ve launched the latest in kid’s technology, the MyMovementBuddy! All MyFirstGym programs and classes are designed to be used in conjunction with the innovative MyMovementBuddy technology, which kids can wear in and outside of class.

The system allows parents and kids to track their movement and reach goals in a way that is rewarding and fun. Kids are encouraged to clock up their movement score each day, and can watch their real-time score updating on in-class screens to bring about friendly rivalry amongst their classmates.

MyMovementBuddy gives your child the ability to strive for greatness by setting and achieving goals. Through wearable technology and the MyFirstGym app your child can track their movement’s points and receive virtual Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. These virtual medals will keep on building over the course of the year and give your child and enjoyable incentive to push themselves within their classes.

What is it?

The MyMovementBuddy is a digital watch and activity tracker, the latest in wearable technology for kids. It tracks and measures movement to get the best out of every child.

How it works

When a MyMovementBuddy is purchased, the child’s profile is created under their parent’s app account. New devices can then be activated and synced through the mobile app.

  • A child can wear their MyMovementBuddy wherever they are to record Movement Points.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Movement Goals can be set in the app to inspire and motivate children to keep moving.
  • When daily goals are reached, the device displays a congratulation message to encourage the child for his or her effort!
  • Parents can book children into club classes using the user-friendly mobile app.

Each class type has bonus points for checking-in and unique movement targets. As the children participate in the class, their Movement Points are updated every 30 seconds on the arena display screens. Children start on RED and based on the class target points they move through BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.


A MyMovementBuddy will enable your child to get the most out of their classes! With all of the included features, they are the perfect addition to MyFirstGym!

  • Interactive LCD screen

    The device display screen is interactive so your child can switch between multiple forms of data including their movement points, progress towards achieving their goals and the time.

  • Battery Level Indicator

    The battery level is displayed on the LCD screen. Be sure to check the battery level so your child doesn’t miss out on tracking their Movement Points.

  • Adjustable band for growing kids

    Our MyMovement Buddies come with an adjustable wristband so it can grow with your child.

  • Daily points display

    Your child’s movement points are refreshed daily. Check the LCD display for how many points they have received! Check the MyFirstGym App for their weekly and monthly points!

  • Digital watch

    MyMovementBuddy’s are a fitness tracker, but double as a watch!


How do I setup the MyMovementBuddy device?
On first use each MyMovementBuddy must be setup, follow the instructions in app to setup and ensure your phones bluetooth is enabled and the MyMovementBuddy is charged. After the intitial setup the MyMovementBuddy can be synchronised to the members account anytime by opening the members record and then manually by tapping the band icon/status. Note: If the devices battery is low it may not connect or have reduced connection range. The general range of the MyMovementBuddy’s sync is up to 20m with 80%+ battery charge.
How do I connect to my phone?
The device should automatically pair to your phone once the synchronisation is complete. If you have any troubles, head to your phone settings and ensure bluetooth is enabled for the MyFirstGym app.
I cannot login to the MyFirstGym app?
You will receive your user name and password when joining MyFirstGym. If you have any troubles logging in, contact your home club to reset your password.
My children are not showing in the MyFirstGym app?
Logout of the app and ensure it is closed. Restart the app and login, if your children do not appear please complete the form below and our staff will ensure the accounts are correctly setup.
MyMovementBuddy will not sync with a status Sync Failed’?
Ensure your smartphones Bluetooth is enabled, the MyMovementBuddy has more than 15% battery charge and is awake. To ensure a MyMovementBuddy is awake gently tap the device 2 times and retry sync. Make sure Android phones GPS and Location services are enabled and turned on, restart the phone to be safe.
MyMovementBuddy ran out of battery and now the time settings are incorrect
Your device time and date might fall out of sync if the battery is fully drained. Open the app and head to your child’s profile. Select ‘reset band’. Your MMB will then resync.

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